At Viborg Property Management, we manage and maintain your residential or commercial properties with the intent of customer comfort and satisfaction. From collecting rent to maintenance services and everything in between, we bring at your door steps full service package to you in one place. We understand that sometimes running a tenanted property can take up more of your time than was ever anticipated. Sometimes running a property from overseas is not even practically achievable. If your property was purchased as an investment, then you may not even wish to be involved in the routine of its management. 

We provide a dedicated team trained and experienced to the highest of industry standards to deal with everything from marketing your home and finding suitable tenants, the administrative burden, collecting payments, taking/handing over inspections, cleaning and repairing your property and of course ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. We are able to give you complete peace of mind that your property and your tenants are being cared for.  

Our professional team shall bring to you their expertise to analyze market conditions, to make sure properties are occupied, organize records and documents, gather documents for financial reports, handle contracts pertaining to the property, and organize regular property maintenance and more. We have set up a single point of contact to address all landlord requests and facilitate smoother communication, faster response and reduced overall costs.

Viborg Properties is a company of great depth with realtors of more than 15 years of working experience from multiple types of properties throughout the Dubai and offering a variety of lifestyle choices. Two highly experienced teams from Denmark & UAE of realtors have joined hands to bring local & international Our management expertise combined with phenomenal operational support, cutting edge technologies, mobile capabilities, comprehensive social media platforms, state-of- the-art transaction management system, and our team of top professionals ensures that we can provide immediate service remaining true to the values that are the core of our success.